Kiran Sridhara Kedlaya

Professor of Mathematics
Stefan E. Warschawski Chair in Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, Room 7202
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive #0112
La Jolla, CA 92093-0112
phone: (1) 858-534-2629
fax: (1) 858-534-5273
email: kedlaya[at]ucsd[dot]edu (public key)
social media: none. If you find an account, that's not me!
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News (see also past news)

The current (online) issue of The Atlantic features an article which, among other things, describes the BEAM (Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics) program run by the Art of Problem Solving Foundation, on whose board of directors I serve. (8 Feb 16)

There are no further postdoctoral positions in number theory available at UCSD for the 2016-17 academic year. (7 Feb 16)

The next Southern California Number Theory Day will be held Saturday, February 20 at UCSD. The speakers will be Ellen Eischen (Oregon), David Hansen (Columbia), Matthias Strauch (Indiana), and Jerry Wang (Princeton). (26 Jan 16)

I have begun the process of winding down my conference list in arithmetic geometry, in favor of the new site This site (originally developed for algebraic topology) uses a database backend, and so it can simultaneously cover all of mathematics while allowing filtering by arXiv subject codes (e.g., ag+nt = arithmetic geometry). Also, entries can be added by any user (and then updated), reducing moderator bottleneck. For a preview, take a look at this list of conferences generated via RSS feed. (25 Jan 16)

Oops, we did it again: my team, Setec Astronomy, won the MIT Mystery Hunt for the fourth time (but the first time since 2004). Since that makes us responsible for organizing the 2017 hunt, I'll let you decide whether congratulations or condolences are in order. (19 Jan 16)

I have just created a new page on my wiki: the Nonarchimedean Scottish Book. (17 Dec 15)

The latest issue of Nature contains an article on last week's conference at Oxford about Shinichi Mochizuki's work towards the ABC conjecture. Some comments from me are included (accurately). (16 Dec 15) Added 5 Jan 15: there has also been an article in Quanta, the magazine of the Simons Foundation.

Please note that I am no longer an editor for International Mathematics Research Notices. (16 Dec 15)

The Putnam archive has been updated for 2015. (12 Dec 15)

Fast facts (see also my CV)

Teaching: during winter 2016: Math 203B (Algebraic Geometry). During spring 2016: Math 203C (Algebraic Geometry), Math 206 (Topics in Algebraic Geometry). See my past courses.

Research areas: number theory, arithmetic algebraic geometry. Specialties: p-adic analytic methods in arithmetic geometry, p-adic Hodge theory, algorithms in arithmetic geometry, interactions between arithmetic geometry and computer science.

Editorial activity: Algebra and Number Theory, Nagoya Mathematical Journal, L-functions and Modular Forms Database. Note that I am no longer an editor for International Mathematics Research Notices.

Directorial activity: USA Mathematical Olympiad advisory panel, Art of Problem Solving Foundation board of directors (this includes governance of BEAM (Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics)), Pro Mathematica Arte board of directors (this includes governance of Budapest Semesters in Mathematics and Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education).

Current grants: NSF grant DMS-1501214. I recently completed a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Awards: 2006 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, 2013 Fellow of the American Mathematical Society.

Other: I am a devoted user of the Sage open-source computer algebra system, as well as SageMathCloud.

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